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Louisville Mortgage and Real Estate Facts

Louisville Mortgage and Real Estate Facts


In Louisville residents live in 111,354 "housing units" (houses, condos, rentals, etc.). According to the 2000 census, 53% of the housing in the city was owner-occupied.

Louisville Mortgage

As with most places, mortgages are a fact of life for home owners in Louisville; 63% of houses there have a mortgage. If you're thinking about using a second mortgage or home equity loan on your place in the city, you're not alone. About 17% of home owners have done that.

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Louisville Mortgage Statistics

Category Value

Homes With No Mortgage 37%

With A Mortgage 63%

First Mortgage Only 46%

Second Mortgage or Home Equity Loan 17%

Second Mortgage Only 8%

Home Equity Loan Only 9%

Louisville Housing Expenses

Category Value

Owner Costs as % of Income 17.2%

Median Real Estate Taxes (2000) $719

Louisville Household Size

Category Value

Total Occupied 111,354

1-Person Households 38%

2-Person Households 30%

3-Person Households 15%

4-Person Households 10%

5-Person Households 5%

6-Person Households 1%

7+-Person Households 1%

Louisville Housing Stock

Category Value

Median Year Built 1951

Median Year Built (Owner Occupied) 1947

Median Year Built (Renter Occupied) 1955

Louisville Home Heating

Category Value

Using Utility Co. Gas Heat 90%

Using Bottled/Tank Gas Heat 1%

Using Electric Heat 9%

Using Oil Heat 0%

Using Coal 0%

Using Wood Heating 0%

Using Solar Heat 0%

Other Heating 0%

No Heating 0%

Louisville Housing Size

Category Value

No Bedrooms 0%

1 Bedroom 6%

2 Bedrooms 31%

3 Bedrooms 43%

4 Bedrooms 16%

5+ Bedrooms 4%

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