Kentucky FHA Mortgage Guidelines for 2013

Kentucky FHA Mortgage Guidelines for 2013

FHA will increase its annual mortgage insurance premium for Kentucky FHA Mortgages beginning in early 2013. For example, for most new Kentucky FHA mortgages by 10 basis points, or 0.10%. Premiums on jumbo mortgages — $625,000 or larger — will also increase by 5 basis points, or 0.5%, to maximum authorized annual mortgage insurance premium. These increases exclude certain Kentucky FHA streamline refinance transactions.
Now the big change. It use to be you only paid the annual mip for 60 months or 78% ltv, but now  FHA will also require most Kentucky FHA  borrowers to continue paying annual premiums for the life of their mortgage loan.
In 2001, the FHA cancelled required MIP on loans when the outstanding principal balance reached 78% of the original principal balance. However, FHA will remain responsible for insuring 100% of the outstanding loan balance throughout the entire life of the loan, a term which often extends beyond the cessation of these MIP payments.

For credit scores below 620 now, FHA is  requiring manual underwriting on loans with decision credit scores below 620 and DTI ratios over 43%, raising down payments on loans above $625,000, access to FHA after foreclosure and continuing efforts to improve risk management. There is still a 3 year waiting period for foreclosures and 2 years for a bankruptcy with no lates after bankruptcies. IF you have lates after bankrupcty , it will be hard to get a mortgage loan again.
The FHA will also step up its efforts for approved lenders with regard to aggressive marketing to borrowers with previous foreclosures, while also reminding lenders of their duty to fully underwrite loan applications. All new loans must meet FHA guidelines.
FHA will announce a proposal to increase down payment requirements for mortgages that have original principal balances above $625,000. The minimum down payment requirement for these mortgages will increase from 3.5% to 5%.
Additionally, the FHA will require lenders to manually underwrite loans of which borrowers have a credit score below 620 as well as a total debt-to-income ratio greater than 43%. Thus, lenders will be required to document compensating factors supporting underwriting decisions to approve loans where parameters are exceeded.


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