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Sunday, March 27, 2011

FHA Guidelines for Loan in Kentucky on a home

Guidelines for an FHA loan in Kentucky.Getting a Federal Housing Authority (FHA) sponsored loan in Kentucky requires several criteria to be met before an applicant can receive mortgage funds. Since the FHA is a federal agency, the qualification requirements for a mortgage loan are similar in most states. However, depending upon relevant financial considerations and cost of living indexes, the maximum FHA loan limit fluctuates from state to state and within regions of a state. Each FHA home loan application is considered on an individual basis.

FHA Loan Limits

In order to qualify for an FHA loan in Kentucky, the final negotiated selling price of the home an applicant is interested in buying must fall below the state’s FHA loan limits. According to FHA Home Loan Mortgage and Lender 411, in most counties in Kentucky, the FHA loan limit as of 2010 is $271,050. In the Louisville area including Bullitt, Henry, Jefferson, Meade, Nelson, Oldham, Shelby and Trimble counties, the FHA loan limit is $302,500. Additionally, in the Cincinnati area including Boone, Bracken, Cambell, Gallatin, Kenton and Pendleton counties, the FHA loan limit is $337,500.

Judgements Must be Paid

One of the guidelines to get an FHA loan in Kentucky is that there can not be any outstanding monetary judgments in the applicant’s name. According to 1st Continental Mortgage, judgments must be paid off before an FHA mortgage loan is eligible for insurance. 1st Continental Mortgage also states that exceptions can be made if an applicant has shown a strong payment history on his judgment and has been making his payments on time. Documents proving these acceptable payments and a creditor’s willingness to subordinate the judgment to the insured mortgage are necessary in this case.

Previous Foreclosure

In order to meet the FHA guidelines for a loan in Kentucky, a borrower does not qualify if she has had a recent foreclosure on another property. According to 1st Continental Mortgage, an applicant who has a real estate property that was foreclosed on within the past three years, or an applicant who was given a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure within the previous three years, is not generally eligible. Once again, exceptions can be made on an individual application basis if there are extenuating documented circumstances that a loan officer feels were beyond the applicant’s control.


In Kentucky, bankruptcy does not automatically disqualify an an applicant from receiving an FHA mortgage loan. 1st Continental Mortgage states that with a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, an FHA applicant will not be disqualified if at least two years have passed since the bankruptcy was discharged. In the case of a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, a borrower may qualify for an FHA loan if at least one year of the pay-out period has been completed and the applicant can show a satisfactory payment history during that one year timeframe.

Down Payment

The guidelines for an FHA loan in Kentucky require a minimum down-payment of about 3.5 percent of the price of the home. Gifts from family and financial assistance from acceptable outside resources can satisfy the down-payment amount if an applicant does not have the cash on hand. According toMortgage, the seller can not pay the down payment, but he can pay up to 6 percent of the price of the home in closing costs.

Pest Inspection

A home inspection is not required to borrow money in the form of an FHA loan in Kentucky, even though it is a positive home buying practice. However, the FHA’s guidelines do require an acceptable pest inspection before the property can be purchased. , a termite inspection is required for all existing properties.

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