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How do collections and charge offs on the credit report affect a Kentucky VA Mortgage Loan Approval?

In order to get approved for a Kentucky VA loan with outstanding collections and charge offs listed on
the credit report, the VA underwriter will want to know the following about them:

Collections & Charge Offs are two different things.  Below is what VA saying about them:


Collection Accounts

Isolated collection accounts do not necessarily have to be paid off as a condition for loan approval. A credit report may show numerous satisfactory accounts and one or two unpaid medical (or other) collections. In such instances, while it would be preferable to have collections paid, it would not necessarily be a requirement for loan approval.

However, collection accounts must be considered part of the borrower's overall credit history and unpaid collection accounts should be considered open, recent credit.

Borrowers with a history of collection accounts should have re-established satisfactory credit in order to be considered a satisfactory credit risk.

While VA does not require that collection accounts be paid-off prior to closing if the borrower's overall credit is acceptable, an underwriter must address the existence of the collection account(s) with an explanation on VA Form 26-6393, Loan Analysis, for excluding the negative credit history they represent.

If the collection account is listed on the credit report with a minimum payment, then the debt should be recognized at the minimum payment amount.

Charged off Accounts

These accounts are typically collections in which the creditor is no longer pursuing collection of the account. The underwriter must address the circumstances regarding the negative credit history when reviewing the overall credit of the borrower(s).


2 different topics best if you can send me credit to review. 


·         Charged off accounts generally ignored

·         Collection accounts on Federal debt are a big issue so we careful there

·         Collections not required to be paid off unless they are extremely high

·         Manual Underwrite we do require an LOE from Veteran for collections

·         What happened, what they did to resolve, what are they doing in the future to either resolve or to prevent this from happening and finally if they are going to enter into a payment plan or not.  Ultimately on the resolution of the collection the UW does not care but VA requires that as part of LOE.


Hope this helps send me credit for full evaluation.


The VA underwriter will want to verify the Kentucky Mortgage Veteran has the ability to pay these items or will want to know how they were paid off before closing.

Any collection or charge off showing as a judgement or lien on the VA mortgage applicant's credit report, must be paid before closing. These affect the title and must be paid before the mortgage is recorded.

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