Kentucky Mortgage Rates and Home Loan Options

Kentucky Mortgage Rates and Home Loan Options

Kentucky is known for its native bluegrass pastures, thoroughbred horses, and bluegrass music. It's also estimated that one-third of all bourbon produced comes from the State of Kentucky. Its two largest metropolitan areas are the cities of Louisville and Lexington, the former being the home of the world's most famous horse race, the Kentucky Derby.

For those who don't fancy themselves bourbon fans or sport enthusiasts there are still many options for lively entertainment in Kentucky. And just as many options when it comes to settling down, owning a home, and finding a loan with a great mortgage rate.

The more you know, the better equipped you will be to understand the qualifying requirements from some of the lenders in Kentucky. Most require financial documentation, while others have a more relaxed underwriting process.

It helps to be educated when shopping for your new home loan, and the best place to find out more about current mortgage rates and loan options in Kentucky is right here at

Mortgage Interest Rates on Kentucky FHA Loans

The FHA insured loan program provides many borrowers with competitive mortgage interest rates and an excellent loan option with which to purchase a home. Those who don't have a bundle to spend on down payments can use an FHA insured loan through a local lending partner to obtain financing up to 96.5 percent of the purchase price of the home with loan amounts up to $417,000.

To achieve even lower mortgage rates, those who can manage a larger down payment can get a conventional loan through traditional Kentucky lenders. These loans offer the lowest possible interest rates to both existing and new homeowners.

Jumbo Loan Options in Kentucky

If you need a loan that is larger than the conforming loan limit, chances are you'll be getting a jumbo loan. These loans are offered through most local and statewide lenders and those with good credit and income levels large enough to qualify can obtain a jumbo loan at market mortgage rates or just slightly above. They frequently carry higher mortgage interest rates due to the increase risk associated with the larger loan amount.

Assistance with Down Payment, Closing Costs, and KY Mortgage Rates

Government agencies, like the Kentucky Housing Corporation, can provide education materials and counseling for those wishing to own a home in the state of Kentucky. These agencies also offer loan programs through its lender partners in which buyers can tap into one of the following:

• VA Loan - guaranteed by the Veterans Administration for qualified military veterans. Offers no down payment if the property appraises for the sale price or greater, has flexible underwriting is flexible, and no monthly mortgage insurance payments.

• Conventional loans – with as little as three percent down payment (lower than FHA requirements) yet still covered by and approved mortgage insurance company. This loan is for those with a credit score of 660 or better, offering quick turnaround time and no up-front mortgage insurance payments.