Get help with rent, mortgage or utility assistance - I Want To -

Get help with rent, mortgage or utility assistance - I Want To -

Get help with rent, mortgage or utility assistance

The Temporary and Extended Emergency Financial Assistance program is funded by local Metro Government dollars. The Emergency Financial Assistance program is designed to assist households that meet income and crisis criteria as defined in the policy. Assistance is provided in the basic areas of shelter and utilities to stabilize housing. Emergency Financial Assistance is generally provided for households with zero income or resources that meet eligibility criteria for the month assistance is requested. Applicant(s) must be a resident of Jefferson County.
Shelter and utility payment assistance is provided to those that meet the eligibility guidelines as determined by an initial screening. Length of financial assistance varies depending upon qualifying eligibility criteria. 

The following situations are examples of possible eligibility:
  • Loss of employment
  • Illness/disability pending SSI
  • Loss of support due separation, desertion, death or domestic violence by wage earner.
Applicant Information
Applications are made in person whenever possible. Temporary Emergency Assistance is provided through the Neighborhood Place

Telephone applications are taken for applicants unable to come to the office and/or other emergency situations. To request services via telephone, please call 574-8035. 

Neighborhood PlaceNeighborhood Place is a network of multi-service centers throughout Louisville and Jefferson County, Kentucky. Closely linked with schools, the centers provide community residents a single access point to an array of services where they live.

  • To view a map that shows where all neighborhood places are located in the city, with links to each NP, click here.
  • MapIt - To search for the closest Neighborhood Place based on your address click here and click on the Housing & Social Services layer.

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