Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) Down Payment Assistance.

Kentucky Down payment assistance loans are available up to $6,000 for Mortgage

KHC is used for mostly applicants in Kentucky that don't have access to money for a down payment on their home. 

Down payment assistance loans are available up to $6,000, and are paid back over a period of ten years. They are typically offered to buyers with limited cash reserves and carry an interest rate of 1 to 5.5% based on applicants gross income.

These loans can make a critical difference to buyers for whom the down payment is an obstacle. Buyers whose 3.5% down payment is less than the $6000 limit may choose to use the remainder of a down payment loan to pay closing costs, further reducing the amount needed to bring to closing.

KHC recognizes that down payments, closing costs, and prep​aids are stumbling blocks for many potential home buyers. Here are several loan programs to help. Your KHC-approved lender can help you apply for the program that meets your need.

Regular DAP

  • Purchase price up to $346,644 with Secondary Market.
  • Assistance in the form of a loan up to $6,000 in $100 increments.
  • Repayable over a ten-year term at 5.50 percent.
  • Available to all KHC first-mortgage loan recipients.

Affordable DAP

  • Purchase price up to $346,644​ with Secondary Market.
  • Assistance up to $6,000.
  • Repayable over a ten-year term at 1.00 percent.
  • Borrowers must meet Affordable D​AP income limits.


  • No liquid asset review and no limit on borrower reserves.
  • Specific credit underwriting standards may apply to down payment programs
  • (Not intended to be an all-inclusive list.)
  • Home Buyer Eligibility
  • • KHC can help both first time and repeat home buyers statewide.
  • • Must be a U.S. citizen or legal status to be in U.S.
  • • Applicant’s income ONLY through Secondary Market.
  • • Property must be the borrower’s principal residence.
  • • Any Borrower that meets both the income and purchase price limit can have access to Down Payment Assistance.
  • Kentucky Housing Credit Standards
  • • 620 minimum credit score required for FHA, VA, & RHS.
  • • 660 minimum credit score required for Conventional.
  • • Debt ratios: 40/50%
  • • Collections in most cases do not need to be paid-off in full.
  • • Bankruptcies and foreclosures must be discharged two to seven years.
  • • Non-taxable income can be grossed-up.
  • Property Eligibility
  • • Both new and existing property.
  • • Both new & existing Manufactured Housing.
  • • With RHS only new construction Manufactured housing is allowed.
  • • Purchase price limit of $346,644 for Secondary Market or $311,997 for Tax Credit.
  • • Full appraisal required on all KHC loans.
  • • With Existing Property, VA is the only loan product that requires a termite inspection.
  • • A termite soil treatment certificate is required on ALL new construction properties except on conventional loans.
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