Kentucky FHA Loans with Bad Credit in 2023.

How to get approved for a Kentucky FHA Mortgage Loan with Bad Credit in 2023.

Below details the DTI requirements The maximum Front and Back ratios applicable to manually underwritten Kentucky FHA Mortgages are detailed below. 

Maximum DTI allowed for Manual UW is 40/50 

**IMPORTANT – any loan where ALL borrowers have No Fico Score, the Maximum DTI is 31/43 per HUD DTI and Compensating Factor Requirements: 

560 FICO and Above – DTI up to 31/43.Comp Factors Required - NONE. 

560 FICO and Above - DTI up to 37/47Comp Factors Required– 1 Required 

560 FICO and Above – DTI up to 40/50Comp Factors Required– 2 Required


RESERVES – 3 mo (1-2 Unit) 6 Mo (3-4 Unit)

HOUSING DECREASE – new PITI is no more than $100 or 5%, the lesser of the two

RESIDUAL – Meet VA residual requirements

ADDITIONAL INCOME – Income not reflected in DTI (this comp factor is only permitted when DTI is over 37/47 and if income were used, it would decrease DTI under 37/47)

DTI requirements The maximum Front and Back ratios applicable to manually underwritten Kentucky FHA Mortgages


12 Months verified housing history OR rent free letter,

Reserves, AND

1 month reserves for 1-2 Unit

3 month reserves for 3-4 Unit

NOTE: If you use reserves as a compensating factor, then you do not need these reserves in addition

Letter of explanation for all derogatory credit, including any NSFs and/or overdrafts in bank accountIf applicable, 2 months for all bank statements in the file (60 days activity)

Maximum DTI 40/50 (HUD guideline, no exceptions

Instructions for Residual Income as Compensating Factor

Residual income may be used as compensating factor when it meets or exceeds the stated amounts in

the table below. Note that all household members must be counted for ‘family size’ except for individuals

who are fully supported from a verified source of income not included in the effective income of the loan.

Residual Income as Compensating Factor for Kentucky FHA Mortgage Loan

Residual Income Calculation When Needed as a Compensating Factor

Gross Monthly Income1 2

- (State income taxes3)

- (Federal income taxes3)

- (Municipal or other taxes3)

- (Retirement deductions and/or Social Security deductions)

- (Total monthly housing payment)

- (Estimated maintenance and utilities4)

- (Job related expenses (e.g., childcare)5)

= Monthly Residual Income for Family Support.

[When using Residual Income as a compensating factor, the “Monthly Residual Income for Family Support” must

meet or exceed the dollar amount in the “Residual Income Table” above.

1 Income from occupying borrowers only

2 Non-taxable income may not be grossed up

3 Federal and state taxes must be used to determine appropriate deductions or paystub if taxes are not available

4 Multiply total living area (sq ft) x 14

5 Childcare letter is not required (as it is for VA) and should not be requested

Exceptions to the Required Residual Income

You may reduce the residual income figure from the above tables by 5% if:

1. The borrower(s) is an active duty or retired serviceperson, OR

2. There is a clear indication that a borrower will receive the benefits resulting from use of military-based

facilities located near the property.

Examples of military service for reduced residual income are:

Guard and Reserve military retirees, 100% disabled Veterans and their family members, or Medal of Honor


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