Louisville, Kentucky First Time Home Buyer Programs

1. FHA Loans in Kentucky

I do not have a lot of money for a down payment and have some credit issues in the past. 
Loan Features:
  • Great for First Time Home buyers in Kentucky
  • Low Down Payment of 3.5% for scores above 620
  • Easy Credit Qualifying with lower credit scores 
  • 2 years removed from bankruptcy Chapter &
  • 3 years removed from  a foreclosure
  • Clear Cavirs 
  • 2 year work history



Government-backed loans with flexible guidelines.500 minimum credit score with 10% down payment3.5% down payment with 580 credit score2 years removed from bankruptcyCan be combined with down payment grants for $0 down payment
Max loan $$356,362 in Kentucky
2 year work history with no gaps over 6 months

2. USDA Loans in Kentucky

I live in a rural area and need financing for a home and have no money down in Kentucky for a home loan

Loan Features:
  • Great for those with Low to Moderate Income. 
  • Up to 100% Financing
  • Flexible Underwriting Guidelines and Credit Qualifications
  • Household Income & Property Geographic Limitations Apply
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Government-backed loans with flexible guidelines.Zero Down Payment640 Minimum Credit Score3 years removed from BankruptcyMax Income and Property Map Eligibility Requirements
2 year work history with no gaps over 60 days

3. Conventional Loans in Kentucky

I am able to make a larger down payment and have a good credit score.



Get your fixed interest rates for eligible buyers.620 minimum credit score3% down payment4-7 years removed from Bankruptcy Depending of if Chapter 7 or 13Max Loan is $548,250 in Kentucky
2 Year work history but does not have to be same job

Loan Features:
  • Great for those with Moderate to High Income
  • As Little as 5% Down Payment (only 3% for First-Time Homebuyers)
  • 20% Down Payment Removes Mortgage Insurance Premiums
  • Flexible Terms
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4. VA Loans in Kentucky

I am an active member of the military or a veteran in Kentucky

Loan Features:
  • Designed to Provide Financing to American Veterans
  • Up to 100% Financing
  • No Monthly Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
  • No minimum credit score
  • 2 years removed from bankruptcy

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Government-backed loans for those who’ve served our nation. Zero Down Payment LoanNo minimum credit score2 years removed from bankruptcyActive Duty --like to see a least a year left in service or 6 months reserves and a job relatable to your mos. skill

5. FHA Manufactured Home Guidelines for Mobile homes in Kentucky

I want to purchase a manufactured home with land.

Loan Features:
  • Great for First Time Homebuyers
  • Low Down Payment
  • Easy Credit Qualifying
  • Easy Refinancing

Manufactured Housing

KHC requires an Affidavit of Conversion to Real Estate per KRS186A.297, when manufactured home is permanently affixed to land.

The Certificate of Title is surrendered.

If manufactured house has not been converted to real estate, then this can be done at closing.
The following items need to be uploaded in the Closed Loan Package:

A copy of the recorded affidavit and the surrendered title to the manufacture home.
A copy of the executed affidavit and title (to be surrendered) sent to the county clerk for recording.

If a new manufactured home, copy of the original certificate of origin from the manufacturer that is going to be delivered to the county clerk so that title can be ordered.

After title is received, affidavit is prepared for recording and title is surrendered.
Within 90 days or less from closing date, need original of newly recorded affidavit and coy of surrendered title.

Failure to send to KHC within timeframe could result in repurchase.
Affixations are not acceptable.

Do not record affixations with the mortgage.

Manufactured Housing Guidelines for Mobile homes in Kentucky

FHA and VA Loan with Manufactured Homes

Both new and existing manufactured housing is allowed.

FHA requires a foundation inspection by a structural engineer.

RHS Loans with Manufactured Home

KHC only allows new manufactured housing.

Dealer to property and set up like a stick built house.

Conventional Loans with Manufactured Home

Both new and existing manufactured housing is allowed with Conventional Preferred and Preferred Risk programs.

95% LTV / 105% CLTV.

No Structural Engineer inspection required for Conventional Loans