Can you get a Kentucky Mortgage Loan with a 600 credit score in 2014?

In order to get a Kentucky FHA Mortgage Loan with a 600 credit score, you must meet the following requirements to qualify.

Note. some lenders require additional credit overlays that may affect your mortgage loan approval.

 Credit Score Basics : Credit score is one of the most important factors when applying for a mortgage loan.What are most important factors and shares excellent tips on how you can keep a high credit score to get approved for a mortgage.

3 active trade line reporting to the bureaus (rent can count as one).

43% max debt ratio

2 most recent bank statements with 2 months piti in reserve

No bankruptcies or foreclosures in last 3 years  

Verifiable rent history from management company or cancelled checks if you rent from individual for last 12 months with no 30 day lates

3.5% down payment required. Cannot do the Welcome Home Program

***We require a 620 credit score for Kentucky USDA Loans and a 620 credit score for VA loans.
Fannie Mae Mortgage Loans require a 620 credit score. If mortgage insurance is needed for Fannie Mae loans, the minimum credit score is higher and subject to investor  mi approval.

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