Down payment assistance to buy a home in Kentucky!

 There are various types of down payment assistance to buy a home in Kentucky with little or no money down!

Here are a few:

  • Kentucky FHA loans - federal loan through the Federal Housing Authority-Credit scores low as 620 and gifts can be used or down payment assistance from government agency to meet the 3.5% down payment investment. No income limits but max loan currently is $356,000 in Kentucky for 2021

  • Kentucky USDA loans - zero down mortgages for rural and suburban homeowners-640 credit score needed currently for most loans and has income limits and property location restrictions

  • Kentucky VA loans - if military service or active duty, can buy a home with zero down with a 620 minimum credit score. No income restrictions and can buy a house anywhere as long as VA appraisal supports the purchase price. No max loan limits but must meet residual income requirements and Eligibility based off Certification of Eligibly Entitlement. Amount.

  • Kentucky Housing Down Payment Assistance of $6000 can be used for FHA, VA, USDA or Conventional mortgage loans for their down payment requirements or to help with closing costs. Max income limits and loan limits for this program. 

Read more about each program by hitting the links above. 

There are federal, state and local assistance programs as well so be on the look out.

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