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The Mortgage Process to Close a Mortgage Loan in Kentucky

Start your Application – Your Personal Mortgage Advisor will

collect your documents for income and asset validations along with 2 year work history, pull your credit and go over the report and submit your loan for a mortgage pre-approval letter. Usually can be done less than 1 day as long as you have all income and assets documents (paystubs last 30 days, 2 years taxes, 2 years w-2's, 2 year work history, copies of last two months bank statements and most recent quarterly statement for retirement accounts. 

Home Search – Your Realtor will show you the homes you qualify

for and keep you up-to-date with new listings

Making an offer – Your realtor will write up a purchase contract.

You will need to put down a small deposit, then negotiations


Contract Negotiations and Contract to Sale – Your Realtor will

negotiate with listing agent and seller. Once the contract is fully

executed your attorney will review the contract.

Scheduling A Home Inspection – This is when you find out if

there is any issues with your home. You and your realtor can be


Acknowledgement of Loan Application – At this point you will

sign your mortgage application and submit any additional documents

requested like paystubs, w-2's, bank statements, updated income and assets 

Appraisal of Property – Your loan officer will schedule with the

appraisal management company to determine the property’s


Title search on Property to verify liens and ownership record and legal description of deed done by closing attorney or title company 

Underwriting – Your loan goes for official review, approval, and

the loan is committed to. The underwriter will review all documents to include appraisal, title work, income and assets documents, credit report, and issue a conditional approval.

Closing Disclosure – Your closing disclosure will come out 3 days

prior to your closing settlement date, which will need to be


Schedule your Closing Date – Your closing and title work will

be scheduled with your settlement agent

Items for Closing – You will need your certified check.

Closing/Settlement – All mortgage Documents will be signed.

Both your settlement agent and Personal Mortgage Advisor will

review with you.

Moving Time – You receive your keys, enjoy your new home!

Kentucky Mortgage Loan Application Checklist

Kentucky Mortgage Loan Application Checklist


 Copy of driver’s license(s) for applicant and co-applicant
 Copies of W-2’s for the last two years
 Copies of paycheck stubs for the previous 30 days (or most current)
 Checking and Savings account statements  for the previous two months
 Quarterly or semi-annual statements for all checking, savings, IRA’s, CD’s, money market funds,
stocks, 401K, profit sharing, etc.


 Copies of most recent 2 years tax returns (with all schedules including k-I’s if applicable)
 Copies of current profit & loss statement, and balance sheet
 Copies of corporate/partnership tax returns for most recent 2 year period if owning 25% or
more of company – copies of W-2’s and/or 1099 forms
 Copies of security card and driver’s license for each applicant and co-applicants
 Original Certificate of Eligibility and copy DD214 Discharge Paper
 Name and address of nearest living relative

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